Roofing Repair Company in Lauderhill FL

As a homeowner you don’t normally anticipate problems with your roofing. As a matter of fact, once your roof is doing what it’s supposed to, you hardly ever check on your roof.

Whether you have tiles, shingles, metal or flat roof in Lauderhill FL ,your roof has to deal with a lot from the elements. Being your major defense against the elements, your roof’s exposure, often means the need for eventual repair and/or replacement of your roofing system. The keys to ensuring a lasting solution is in choosing the Roofing Repair Company in Lauderhill FL.
ABE SHULTZ Roofing & Construction specializes in taking care of all your roofing and construction needs, from roof replacement, roof repair and more for homes, commercial buildings and industrial structures throughout Lauderhill, Fl.

Has your roof been damaged by damaged lately? ABE SHULTZ Roofing & Construction can help you with your inspection, document the details and help you formulate a plan for your repairs that will get your roof back in working order quickly.


We are very passionate about our work. You don’t need to worry when you are choosing us because our action speaks louder.


We have a team of professionals as we all are highly specialized in our field. We have experience of about 20+ years in this industry.


We work according to modern era. We have different techniques that can be utilized in any situation. Feel relaxed to choose us.

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